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Mark Curtis

I am your neighbor and want to help you understand insurance!

My name is Mark R Curtis I have lived in Clark county for 27+ yrs. I am fully licenced for Health, Life, retirement type insurance and annuities. Since 2014 my focus and passion has been on health insurance and retirement products.

Our History

In early 2000's I started winding down my concrete business. My body was just worn out from 40 years of concrete work, snow skiing 1000's of days, and physical play. The result is, now I'm semi retired, an independent licensed health and life insurance broker with a focus on Medicare and senior retirement needs (my needs). I turned 65 yrs young March 2017. I started my Medicare then and have been learning about it since then. (Study/teach/engage in what you need to learn right!). I'm very active in the community and look forward to becoming a valuable and trusted resource for you.

My goal and purpose is to become your trusted advisor by educating you regarding all your health insurance options. I will accomplish that by becoming a reliable resource for many of your health and financial needs. Resulting in you getting value and clarity regarding your important health and financial choices.

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